Gratis Prøvetime hos Mestre Dino

2021-09-01 til 2021-09-01

Skrevet af d. 1. September, 2021

Kom til Gratis Prøvetime i Capoeira hos Mestre Dino

In English:
Grupo Capoeira Malungos Nordvest with Mestre Dino is inviting you to a free Capoeira class to celebrate our new capoeira season for adults.

This event is to anyone interested in training, movement, musicality, body expression, and loads of fun!
You will try for free the art of Capoeira, a discipline raising from the Afro-Brazilian culture that spread all over the world.

Capoeira is a game, a dance, a martial art blended through great rhythms and music. Come to train with us for one day and experience all this!
Requirements: none
Everyone is welcome regardless of the level of fitness, age gender etc. Just come with training clothes, water, and your best smile!

Look up the adress here:
Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København NV, Danmark

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