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Malungos 10 years jubilee – Batizado e Troca de cordas e Formatura Mestre Dino

Next Grupo Malungos capoeira event will be Malungos 10 years jubilee in Copenhagen celebrating 10 years of Grupo capoeira Malungos existence. Also at this event will be Batixado e Troca de cordas and not to for forget the FORMATURA de MESTRE DINO.

The celebration og the event will begin already on tuesday 19. november and go on all the way until sunday 24. november 2019.

A strong number of masters, contra mestres, professores, instutores and students will be arriving to Copenhagen thes days all together joining hands to make this one of the biggest – if not the biggest capoeira event in Denmark happening this year.

We are proud and honoured to receive all these numerous guest and extremely excited as we are preparing for it.

Do you have any questions regarding the event, do you want to volunteer og join us, then read more below – perhaps you will find an answer here or contact: Also, do remember to keep yourself updated on facebook where we constantly post news about what will be happening.

Read more about Malungos 10 year Jubilee here:

Presentation capoeira Masters for the event

Presentation Contra Mestres for the event

Presentation Professores for the event