Capoeira Malungos Copenhagen Denmark presents:

Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen 2020 – MULHER NA RODA
For the second time focusing on tributing, celebrating and honoring the amazing female capoeiristas in all capoeira groups around the world.

“Join yet another celebration of Capoeira Women at the Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen event by Capoeira Malungos Denmark”.

It is a 3-day festival taking place in Copenhagen Denmark that honours the role of women in Capoeira today.

Organized by Mestre Dino and Grupo Malungos Copenhagen this is the event that will set the scene for a place of expression and an opportunity for everybody to enrich their capoeira style regardless of whether you are a male or female capoeirista.

We believe it is important to constantly evolve, develop and discover new talent, but also consolidate our long-time friendships in capoeira”.

This year we are therefore pleased to welcome the following to give classes:

  • Mestra Cristina (Grupo Senzala, Paris)
  • Mestre Jacob (Ginga)
  • CM Jana (Cordao de Ouro, München )
  • CM Jilo (Malungos)
  • CM Mel (Capoeira Ngoma Capoeira Angola, Berlim)
  • CM Igor (Malungos)
  • CM Vibe (Grupo Senzala, Denmark)
  • Professora Faisca (Beriba Brasil, France)
  • Professora Bettina (Malungos Copenhagen)
  • Formada Rapunzel (Arué capoeira Copenhagen)

These will be participating:

  • CM Sagui (Malungos)
  • CM Dourado (Senzala )
  • CM Farol (Grupo Ginga)
  • Professor Galo (Senzala )
  • Professor Maluco (Malungos)
  • Professor Mascara (Malungos)
  • Professor Espantalho (Malungos)
  • Instrutor Bandido (Malungos)

Schedule and Place:
From 13.- 15. march 2020

Friday 13 March
17:00 – 17:30Registration
17:30-18:30 Capoeira / Afro dance (all participants)
18:30-20:00 Capoeira all levels
20:00-21:00 Roda
Place Gaarbodans studio, Struenseegade 15A, 2200 København

Friday night: Capoeira Café Friday night
22:00-01:00 Place Gaardbodans studio

Saturday 14. March
10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00-15:00 Capoeira all levels
13:30-16.30 Kids Training (look below for details for kids)
14:00-15:00 Capoeira try out training free
15:00-17:00 Capoeira all levels, dance & percussions
Place: Nørrebro Park Skole, Jagtvej 34, 2200 København

Saturday night: Brazilian party
21:00 – 03:00 Brazilian party, with live concerts and Djs
Place Underhuset, Halmtorvet 9 1770 Cph V
Price 80kr / 10 EUR

Sunday 15. March
12:00-15:00 Capoeira all levels & dance
15:00-16:30 Training all levels and Roda
16:30-17:00 Good bye Roda
Place: Gasværksvej skole , Gasværksvej 22, 1656 København V

All Days 600 kr. (80€)
Friday 150 kr. (20€)
Saturday 350 kr. (46€)
Sunday 250 kr.(33€)


Lørdag den 14. marts 2019
Program 5-7 år
14:00-14:30 Træning
14:30-15:00 Roda

Program 8-15 år
15:00-16:00 Træning
15:30-16:30 Roda
Price: free

Registration for Mulher na Roda 2020

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Grupo Capoeira Malungos Denmark
What is Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen?
The Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen is a celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture covering a wide range of cultural expressions: Capoeira, dance, music, percussion, visual and physical expressions!