13 Festival Malungos St Etienne 10 years Jubilee

2019-05-09 til 2019-05-12

Skrevet af d. 13. March, 2019


13 Capoeira Festival Malungos St Etienne 10 years Jubilee

Mestre Pedigree invites you to 13 Festival Malungos St Etienne 10 years Jubilee. Celebrate Malungos 10 years jubilee in the warm sun of St Etienne.

In May the Sun is already high in the sky of the lovely local city of St Etienne. Our group in St Etienne is hosting this super cool event with great masters, capoeira from morning to evening, great capoeiristas from many different countries and of course Brazilian parties.

Book your ticket to Lyon – from Lyon theres is a train taking you directly to the centre of St Etienne where from the event is in walking distance.

The following Mestres will be attending:

Mestre Gajé – Salvador/BA
Mestre Raimundo Dias – Aracajú/SE
Mestre Amendoim – Brasília/DF
Mestre Branco – Nantes/ FR
Mestre Pantera – Barcelone/ES
Mestre Emerson – Brasília/DF


Hosted by Association Capoeira Malungos Saint Etienne