Capoeira Malungos Nørrebro

Skrevet af d. 1. October, 2020

New training times Tuesday: 19:00-21:00 hrs We are so happy to announce that on Tuesdays the training time has been adjusted to start 19:00 o’clock and finish at 21:00. Professor Mascara joining on Friday’sIf you enjoy Maluco’s friday trainings then don’t hesitate to swing by this Friday where Professor Mascara will be giving the Capoeira...

Capoeira Classes Copenhagen

Skrevet af d. 20. September, 2019

Capoeira Copenhagen for all levels. Capoeira Grupo Malungos Copenhagen is combining the art of capoeira, afro-brazilian culture and fitness to give you the best capoeira experience.

Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen 2019 | Mulher na Roda

Skrevet af d. 27. December, 2018

Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen 2019 – MULHER NA RODA Capoeira Meeting Copenhagen 2019 – MULHER NA RODA is this year focusing on tributing, celebrating and honoring the amazing female capoeiristas in all capoeira groups around the world. It is a 3-day festival taking place in Copenhagen Denmark that honours the role of women in Capoeira today.