New Season Kick off with Contra Mestre Dino Capoeira Classes

Skrevet af d. 23. July, 2018

Capoeira Malungos

New Season Adult Capoeira Classes in Dansekapellet

We will begin our class on Tuesday, August 7 at 7:00 PM, and if the weather is still incredible, we can have our practice outside and have a refreshment later.

This season we will continue with:
• New capoeira themes every 3 weeks,
• music classes
• inspiring classes with guest teachers,
• acrobatic classes in the Grøndal Center
• open house

We will also have two workshops in 2018
• Musicality Vol II. “Make your own berimbau”
• Batizado and graduation

I look forward to seeing you again and continuing to walk side by side on this path to becoming a better

Axé Dino