Open House – Try a Capoeira Class for Free

2018-02-22 til 2018-02-22

Skrevet af d. 18. January, 2018



Capoeira Class for free – Come and try capoeira                                     
Leave the cold winter outside and come indoors for this cuccesful event. Whether you have experience with capoeira or not, this is your chance to come and learn a bit more about the brazilian art of capoeira. Kicking, defence, movement, dancing, playing and singing. You will get a taste of it all when you visit our free capoeira class led by Contra Mestre Dino.


Come and try out a free capoeira class Thursday 22. February where Contra Mestre Dino opens his class for everybody who would like to try capoeira. People join capoeira for many different reasons – some students have a background doing acrobatics, some have experience with the language and culture, some would like to meet new people and try something completely new- others again have done other styles of martial arts. So – how about you gave it a try too?

Open House at Malungos NV - try Capoeira for free

Open House Capoeira Classes with Contra Mestre Dino

Bring a friend a colleague or someone you just know would love to try out capoeira.
Come and enjoy an evening full of capoeira moves, dance, kicks and brazilian vibes. Get a taste of what capoeira is – maybe this will be that thing which will get you moving and set new goals in 2018?

What to bring:
Bring relaxed clothes, a bottle of water and comfortable shoes.

We look forward to seeing you there!


CM Dino