Malungos Workshop Amsterdam

2015-09-24 til 2015-09-27

Skrevet af d. 11. August, 2015

Grupo Malungos Amsterdam is happy to invite you to celebrate the 8th year of our Capoeira meeting in Amsterdam city.

A meeting to share knowledge about Capoeira with old and new friends.
To play together, train together, make music together, party to gether, and share many laughs of course.

This year we will have with us… Confirmed!

Lgndary Crc (Grupo Senzala)
Chão Senzala (Grupo Senzala)
Zoi Do Nascimento (Zumbi Capoeira)

Rodrigo Dino Garcia
Salaminho Capoeira
Jilo Capoeira
Pedigree Malungo
Sagui Will Gomes
Fubuia Sergio Demorais
Trilho Lyon Capoeira

Maluco Kristoffer Lykkegaard Gustafsen
Bettina Rose
Faby Tigresa (Caravelas Negra Amsterdam)
Cesinha Luan Galvao
Miguel Ferraz Guedes
Mel e Maozinha Grupo Senzala (Koln- Duitsland)

Hope to see all our friends around 😉
more information will be uploaded soon!

Contra Mestre Igor and students!