Malungos Amsterdam | 10th Capoeira Meeting

2017-09-28 til 2017-10-01

Skrevet af d. 28. September, 2017

Capoeira Meeting Amsterdam

Join Contra Mestre Igor in celebrating his 10th Capoeira Meeting in Amsterdam, Holland at the end of September. Take a short autumn brake and join cm Igor and his students in lovely Amsterdam. Remember you can get free accomodation – you only need to pay for your plane ticket and the event days that you will participate in.

Please look below for more information on the event.

Details about our capoeria event in Amsterdam

This year we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary of our I’Amsterdam Capoeira meeting. So much energy, so many memories, so many parties, so many old friends we enjoyed it with and new friends made over the years. We cannot let this year pass without making it something special. We welcome you all Capoeirista or not to enjoy this epic event with us.

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Mestre Zoi ( Zumbi Capoeira – Palermo/Italy)
Mestre Marreta (Berimbau de Ouro – Amsterdam/The Netherlands)
Mestre Branco (Grupo Ginga Nâgo – Nantes/France)
Mestre Samara (Grupo Senzala – Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

Salaminho (Malungos)
Jilo (Malungos – Denmark)
Dino (Malungos -Denmark)
Eddy Murphy (Grupo Idalina-Germany)
Ceguinho (CDO Holland)
Ligeiro ( Grupo Zumbi – Italy)

Marcelo Cacique (Arte Negra – France)
Dollar (Malungos – France)
Galinha & Cuca ( Malungos Bayonne – France)
Ratazana (Malungos -France)
Maluco (Malungos Denmark)
Bandido (Malungos Denmark)
Canuto (Senzala – Italy)
Mowgli (Senzala – France)
Abacaxi (Senzala – France)
Thiago Santos (Senzala dos Santos – Spain)
Faísca ( Biriba Brasil – Lyon France)

Special classes:
Afro Brazilian dance, Yoga, Pilates.

Friday and Saturday
Forro, Samba and Samba reggae.
Special Guest from Brasil (Daniel Oliveira) – Ex-Quadrilha Samba Band. He’s an amazing musician and vocalist.

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